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Challenge 108 [Nov. 29th, 2004|03:43 pm]
Original Icons



I know that I just posted a challenge, but something occuried to me so I'm making another.

On Decemember 3rd 2002, actor Glenn Quinn died of a drug overdose at the age of 32. So since December is just around the corner, I thought that challenge 108 will be Glenn Quinn.

You can enter up to six icons, but at least ONE of them HAS to be Glenn, the others can be of what ever charaters he's played.

You can get caps from here: http://www.stuck-in-the-middle.com/quinn/
or here: http://cruel-kindness.net/goodfight/caps2.html

or anywhere else, those are just some places where I've gotten caps from.

and another voting phase is coming up for challenge 106, don't worry I haven't forgotten

[User Picture]From: mrs_marsters
2004-12-01 06:24 am (UTC)
I'm new at this and haven't entered a contest before, and hopefully, I this is where I post entries... but I only made a doyle one, if this is not able to be accepted without 3 glen quinn icons please let me know. thank you.

Smaller Remember Doyle
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[User Picture]From: breebree16
2004-12-01 08:11 pm (UTC)
you're fine. I tweaked it a bit because I realized that not everyone is going to submit all six icons
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[User Picture]From: mrs_marsters
2004-12-01 09:00 pm (UTC)

thank you

Glenn Quinn

I made a Glenn Quinn icon, so I would be following the rules.
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[User Picture]From: breebree16
2004-12-02 12:07 am (UTC)

Re: thank you

word man, and what is the clip of Sara and Johnny from? Just out of curiousity
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[User Picture]From: mrs_marsters
2004-12-02 04:41 am (UTC)

Re: thank you

that was from one of the articles scanned about Glenn's death and it's from the fansite listed in this post.
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