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Original Icons
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Welcome to Original Icons, a super cool icon contest community not to be confused with originalicons. Heh. Five -minimmum- challenges will be circluating the community all the time and every time a new challenge goes up a new topic, quote, song, lyric or capture will be given. Members are to make a an icon -fitting the LJ rules of a 100 by 100 and 40kb- relating to the lyric or caption that is provided and submit by posting in the community. The members of the community will vote to determine the winner unless the challenge is decided by someone else. If that is the case, then they decide the winners and the community decides Viewers' Choice.
Anyone may join, enter, and vote, as long the following rules are followed:

1. You may only enter as many icons as that specific challenge allows.
2. Anyone using bases/blanks without credit will be banned from the community. We do not promote stealing, and if a member of this community steals an icon without asking they will be banned as well.
3. You must participate in voting, even if you didn’t enter an icon, it is allowed.
4. Please do not vote for yourself.
5. Please vote for the icon and not the creator.
6. All entries will be posted in the comments section of the post which says "post entries for this challenge HERE". Make sure when you post your icons, you put them under the heading "ICONS" or something to that effect. That way we Mods know where to look for your entries.
7. Only the Mods post the challenges.
8. Make sure your icon fits LJ standards, maximum size-100x100 and 40KB, a gif. jpeg. or png., no bmps!
9. It's your responsibility to make sure you have a RELIABLE host for your icons. If it doesn't show up, the Mods can't enter it in the polls, so make sure your icon is working :) Otherwise there is nothing we can do about it. This also means NO LJ userpic links, NO GJ userpic links, and NO geocities or tripod. They don't allow hotlinking so please DON'T use em. You do, your entries are disqualified. The host HAS TO BE reliable.
10. No shameless spamming, we will promote your communities if you ask but don't go doing it on your own without any of the Mods' permission.
11. When posting your icons, PLEASE post the url of the icon as well as the icon itself. This makes it MUCH EASIER for the Mods come polling time :)

You will be given 7 days to submit an icon for each challenge and on the eighth day a voting poll will go up.
Please do not gather your LJ friends and have them vote for you, if we find out this is going on you will be banned from the community and we will report it to other icon challenges as well so they know well to keep an eye out. We will do our best to only allow the polls to last two days, and then the winners shall be announced, provided there are no ties. For now tie breakers will be broken by polls. These will run one day. If there are more than three icons than the creators of the tying icons will be allowed to vote, if not, they must abstain. If a tie still exists at the end of this poll then we will probably just award the tie or one of the Mods will break it.

We take requests
If you have a challenge request we ask that you please do not post it but e-mail it to SweetJayGuitar@hotmail.com or adambuschc@hotmail.com. Send either the picture you’d like created into an icon or the actor or actress’s name and it will be posted as a requested challenge. Please do not put specifics like you would in a request community, example fonts and color, keep it simple.
All people that enter in the request challenges have to be willing to share their icon and users will credit.

Promote Us!
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The HTML code is

Challenge Sixty-Five- The Little Mermaid w/a Twist! - Part A-Closed and Part B-Closed
Challenge Eighty-One ~ Lord of the Rings ~ Closed
Challenge Eighty-Five ~ "When things get difficult, that just makes me stronger" ~ Closed
Challenge Eighty-Eight ~ The important things in life, joint challenge with regionaliconoms ~ Closed
Challenge Ninety-Six ~ Icon Improvment ~ Closed
Challenge Ninety-Nine ~ 13 going on 30 ~ Closed
Challenge 101 ~ Toy Story ~ Closed
Challenge 106 ~Disney Quotes ~ Closes 11/16/04

Nomination Challenges
no nomination challenges running at this time

Happy Birthday!
no Happy Birthday challenges running at this time

Mod Avatars (aka "who's who")
- teddibear
- angelys
- angel2fire
- breebree16
- souncanadian/kitkatklubber
- saldemonium

Things to Come
Boys & Girls
Farscape eps
Joan of Arcadia / Amber Tamblyn
Buffy Big Bads (the master, Angelus, the mayor, adam, glory, the first)
Jason Cook
Edward Scissorhands
Bring It On
Fox and the Hound
Disneyland Attractions
Seaquest DSV
Will and Grace
Travel Photos
Stargate SG-1
Dogville - requested by junedreaming
NCIS-requested by teddibear
Down With Love-requested by teddibear
The West Wing, specifically Josh and Donna-requested by teddibear